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#3 Warzone Commendation Grants in 4.7.3

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 24.10.2016 11:20AM
Quote: Originally Posted by BenKatarn View Post
I really hope this won't mean you are going to remove the PVP weapons vendors from the fleets in 5.0. Those vendors sell some weapons you cannot get elsewhere anymore in moddable form.
This is the plan currently... All of the purely cosmetic items you can buy for PvP Commendations will still be in the game but purchaseable for the prior Ranked Season tokens. We chose to do this over credits so that these cosmetic items would remain for PvPers. The Warzone consumables will now be purchaseable for credits. The PvP tier gear and their vendors will be removed from the game with 5.0.

Hope that answers your question!

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