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#2 Loss of Nathema Zealot Set

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.10.2016 07:35AM
Originally Posted by Asmodesu View Post
What about those of us who had unlocked it for a character, then deleted the items since they were bound and then unlocked in our collections?
I don't hang onto items that shouldn't need to, they take up too much cargo hold space, I purchased the set, bound it to a character so it unlocked it in collections (that character uses it in outfit 1 slots) then deleted the inventory items, what do I do to get it to unlock in collections for that character again since it's stamped to an outfit slot, not equipped as clothing so I cannot "unequip" it? or will someone from customer service make sure it unlocks again? we're talking a 20 USD purchase of cartel coins here (convert that to AUD for how much it actually cost me to buy enough cc to purchase the outfit), this is not acceptable.

I'm sure I'm not the only one that doesn't keep every item piece once it is unlocked properly in collections and almost 2 weeks have passed since unlocking it which is the only reason I bring it up here.
We will make sure that after we implement the fix, that your collection will work properly again. Either by granting you a full set along with a refund for the collection unlock, or by simply fixing the unlock itself. Once I have more information I will pass it on.

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