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KOTET Livestream - 11/10

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 10.11.2016 09:12AM
Hey folks,

Today will be our next Knights of the Eternal Throne livestream and this one will be a bit different than the others. Instead of the normal format with Charles, Ben, and myself, we will having some special guests joining us for the stream.

Brian and Chuck from The Bad Feeling Podcast will be joining us on stream! They will be playing through our Firefrost Uprising, located on Hoth, as they chat with Senior Designer Chris Schmidt about all things Uprisings. With a little luck they will be able to play through the Uprising on both Story and Veteran modes to show the differences in gameplay and difficulty.

Here again are the details:
When: Today, Thursday 11/10
When: 4PM CST - 2PM PST

Thanks everyone, we'll see you there.
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