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Exploits and Galactic Command

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.11.2016 02:21PM
Hey folks,

As we move towards the expansion launch, I wanted to post a reminder about our exploit policy and to talk about how it will work with Galactic Command. First, a general reminder on what to do if you think you have discovered an exploit:
  • Discontinue the questionable action immediately.
  • Send a private message to myself or Tait Watson on the forums with any and all details you have on the issue. Do not make a public post with this information.
  • Submit an in-game bug report.
  • If you happen to hear about a possible exploit, do not test it yourself. This can leave you open to action being taken against your account.
With those reminders in place, let's talk about Galactic Command and specifically Command Experience Points (CXP). When you reach level 70, most activities in the game will reward you with CXP, which will earn you Command Ranks and subsequently Command Crates. Since Command Crates are your source of end-game gear we are going to be extra diligent and harsh on exploits relating to CXP. As a reminder, an exploit is using the game in an unintended manner to gain an advantage, typically through the use of a bug or subversion of game mechanics.

If anyone is discovered to have abused an exploit related to CXP we intend to take severe action, including:
  • Resetting that character(s) Command Rank to 1
  • Stripping all gear/items earned from Galactic Command
  • Standard ToS action up to and including permanent ban
Again, if you discover an exploit, please refrain from using it and report it to us privately as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!

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