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Ops in 5.1 - Will unassembled pieces drop from every boss, or just the last boss?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.12.2016 05:45PM
Hey folks,

There is some good conversation going on in this thread but I thought I would pop in and explain how it is currently planned to work in 5.1. The last boss of each Operation is guaranteed to drop unassembled pieces of a specific slot (we are still working out how many pieces drop). Each other boss in an Operation has an increasing chance (by boss) to drop any unassembled piece, not a specific slot. For the sake of the example I am about to make, I will use Karagga's Palace.

Everything listed below is an example and not necessarily reflective of exactly what will be in-game, these are just representative of the way the system will work.

1st boss (Bonethrasher) - 20% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
2nd boss (Jarg and Sorno) - 25% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
3rd boss (Foreman Crusher) - 30% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
4th boss (Fabricator) - 35% chance to drop any unassembled piece.
Final boss (Jarg and Sorno) - 100% chance to drop unassembled head piece.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion!

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