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Galactic Command Gearing Changes, 5.1 and Beyond

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.01.2017 01:04PM
Hey folks,

Since the launch of Knights of the Eternal Throne, we have received a lot of great feedback about the gearing changes we made through Galactic Command. In this post, I want to highlight the changes we are making next week. However, we know this will not address all of your concerns, so lets also talk about additional changes we plan to make.

Our primary goal for Game Update 5.1 - Defend the Throne was to allow players to work towards specific pieces of gear through PvP and Operations. Additionally, we wanted to provide a means to help players gear their other characters. Here are the changes coming next week:
  • New currency, Command Tokens: This currency comes from Command Crates. Each Crate will drop Command Tokens based on the Tier of the Crate (Tier 1 5 tokens, Tier 2 8 tokens, Tier 3 12 tokens). These tokens are a Legacy-wide currency and will be retroactively granted (based on your Command Rank) when 5.1 launches.
  • New currency: Unassembled Components This currency is a reward for playing Warzones and Galactic Starfighter and can be used to purchase Unassembled Gear Pieces.
  • New currency, Unassembled Gear Piece: These drop from Operation bosses or are purchased with Unassembled Components and can be turned in along with Command Tokens for specific pieces of gear. The last boss of each Operation has a 100% chance to drop Unassembled Gear Pieces (2 pieces for 8-man, 4 pieces for 16-man). Each other boss in an Operation has an increasing chance to drop them (the second boss having a higher chance than the first boss, and so on). Refer to this forum post to see where each item slot will drop.

With these new currencies, players will be able to go to new vendors and purchase specific items. Here are some of the vendor details:
  • Unassembled Component Vendor: On this vendor you can turn in Unassembled Components to purchase a specific Unassembled Gear Piece. You can only purchase Tier 1 Unassembled Pieces in this way. However, you can turn in Tier 1 pieces along with Unassembled Components to upgrade them to Tier 2 and 3 respectively. Refer to this forum post for more details on this vendor.
  • Unassembled Gear Piece Vendor: With this vendor you can turn in one Unassembled Gear Piece for a specific slot (ex: Unassembled Helm Tier 1) along with Command Tokens for that respective piece of gear. Refer to this forum post for more details on this vendor.

The changes listed above are really focused in on allowing players to work towards a specific piece of gear. However, we also wanted to allow players to level their alts a bit quicker and so here are some of the changes coming for that:
  • New Character Legacy Perk: Increase all Command XP Earned by 2/4/6/8/10%.
  • New Command XP Boost: This can be purchased with Command Tokens and provides a 15% boost (this boost stacks with the Legacy perk but not the MTX boost). This boost only works per Tier at the following costs:
    • Tier 1 20 Command Tokens
    • Tier 2 28 Command Tokens
    • Tier 3 44 Command Tokens

The above changes are coming next week with Game Update 5.1! Additional concerns you have raised are listed below:

Operations Lacking for CXP
We have been looking at all of the places that players can earn CXP and although our intent is that Operations (especially Veteran/Master) would be the best source of CXP, that is not true currently. We have been working to rebalance the CXP gains of Operations across the board so that they are at least on-par with the best sources of CXP in the game. We plan to include these changes with Patch 5.1.1, but we will give you more information on scheduling once we lock it down.

Galactic Command Gearing Alt-unfriendly
One of the biggest concerns expressed is Galactic Command forces a player into working only on one character. Although that wasnt our intention, we agree with you. For starters, in 5.1 we are implementing the Legacy-wide currency of Command Tokens, legacy bound boosts you can purchase with Command Tokens, and the legacy perk to speed up leveling. We know that isnt enough, so we are exploring additional options so that when you are playing any character, there is a way to potentially provide benefit to all other characters in your legacy as well. I have no specifics to share at this time, but I am working to have more details available for our January 26th Livestream.

Command Rank Leveling Speed
We monitor Command Ranks across the game, along with player feedback on the rate at which players are leveling. The Legacy perk and additional boost will help speed up leveling, but we will continue to review. Lets see how it feels after 5.1. Well discuss with you and make further adjustments, if needed.

New Endgame Content
We know addressing the gearing concerns is only half of the equation. Whether it came from the forums, social media, or even focus groups, the feedback is that you want more large group and MMO content such as daily areas and Operations. We will be discussing these very topics in our Livestream next Thursday, January 26, 2017, so come join us!

We want to thank all of your for your continued feedback about Galactic Command. Please keep it coming!


PS - I will be making a few posts later today or Monday which contain a more detailed breakdown of how much currency you will earn, how much things cost, and where to get specific drops from Operations.
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