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Unassembled Pieces and Command Token Costs

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.01.2017 02:59PM
Hey folks,

As we talked about in the Galactic Command Thread, Game Update 5.1 will introduce methods for you to work towards getting specific pieces of Tier gear. A big part of that will be from Unassembled Gear Pieces. Those Pieces can drop from Operations bosses or purchased from the new PvP vendor for Unassembled Components. Once you have the piece, you will need to bring it to a new vendor on the fleet where you can purchase that specific piece of gear. As an example, if you have a Tier 1 Unassembled Head Piece you will be able to come to the vendor and purchase any Tier 1 head piece of your choice. Each Unassembled Piece also has a Command Token cost to purchase them, lets break those down. The costs will be listed by slot and then the Command Token cost by Tier (Tier 1/Tier 2/ Tier 3). Here they are:
  • Chest 10/15/24
  • Legs -10/15/24
  • Head -10/15/24
  • Hands -10/15/24
  • Feet -10/15/24
  • Waist 7/10/15
  • Wrist - 7/10/15
  • Implant - 8/12/18
  • Earpiece 8/12/18
  • Relic 8/12/18
  • Mainhand 12/18/28
  • Off-hand 12/18/28

As a reminder, you earn Command Tokens in each Command Crate that you open. You earn them at the following rate per crate:
  • Tier 1 5
  • Tier 2 8
  • Tier 3 12

Lastly, there are new Command XP Boosts that you can buy for Command Tokens. These boosts only work while a character is in a specified Tier. They provide a 15% boost which stacks with the new legacy perk but not the MTX boost. Here are their costs:
  • Tier 1 20
  • Tier 2 28
  • Tier 3 44

Let me know if you have any questions or anything is unclear. Thanks everyone.

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