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#2 Sneaky Patch Notes Added

Originally Posted by TaitWatson ( Original Post ) | 25.01.2017 02:43PM
Hey folks,

We have tracked down a number of notes that were missing. They have been added to the notes, but they are listed below so you don't have to hunt them down:
  • Arenas that popup in the regular Warzone queue now reward less CXP than a Warzone.
  • Matches that last less than 2 minutes no longer reward CXP.
  • It is no longer possible to change Shae Vizla's armor.
  • Curative Agent and Sly Surrender no longer provide more healing than intended.
  • Cosmetic gear gained through Galactic Command can now be sold on the Galactic Trade Network.
  • Warzone Bolster now improves players up to 232 Item Rating (down from 250).

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