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Bioware, tonight's stream is your last chance.

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.01.2017 10:15AM
Originally Posted by NogueiraA View Post
1 - Bring back bolster as it was before 5.1 (you really killed my motivation to play)
2 - Reduce the grind lowering the costs to get gear using Components
3 - Remove the SHELL needed to buy T2 gear using Components, many of us sold the old shells and now we're screwed. If it was cheap like 4.0 when you reduced Wz commendation costs i'd never complain. But this time I have to deal with RNG again to get those shells.
4 - Bring back Shae Vizla customization.
5 - Make Components LEGACY, so this game becomes alt friendly again.
6 - I think this is asking too much but make Command rank legacy, this would finish many many complains from the playerbase.

5 years sub to a game that now is just RNG + Mindless grind, it's not fun anymore.
For tonight's stream, we really want to focus in on what is coming in the future (content especially). With that in mind I want to try to address the questions you raised since they may not come up on the stream.

1- Right now we are not planning on changing Bolster back as it was an intended change. I posted our reasoning here.
2 - We are definitely looking at all of the GC gearing changes we made yesterday to see where our next steps are. The rate of components earned from PvP is one of those areas we are investigating.
3 - The intent of using this method to purchase the upgrade is that it would work almost identically to how it worked before with Warzone -> Ranked upgrades. Again, we are keeping our eyes on costs and the rates of earning Components to see where changes need to be made.
4 - Shae being able to wear armor was a bug, which is why we changed/fixed it. We do know that there is a desire for characters like Shae, Lana, etc to be able to be customized like other Companions and we are always looking at when/if we could implement this.
5 - Components can be most easily compared to WZ Comms and although WZ comms weren't legacy, you could move them around through the BoL consumable. We are talking about Components and the possibility of making a similar change in the future. No promises, but it is definitely a part of the discussion!
6 - Command Rank being Legacy wide creates some problems at the same time that it is solving some. We know that we need to help out players Legacies in Galactic Command and are looking at a lot of different options. I am hoping to have some information really soon (I was trying to avoid saying that word). Potentially on the stream today, but more likely next week.

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