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#3 Galactic Command Gearing Roadmap - Coming This Week

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 31.01.2017 08:28AM
Originally Posted by snave View Post
Hi Eric,

I'm not some fancy game developer but these changes would seem to encourage players to not play the game until they're implemented. For example, if someone said to me there was an expected price drop in something I'm looking to buy in a month then I'd probably just not buy it for a month.

Now I've never developed an mmo so excuse me if I'm oversimplifying things here but why on earth would a player not just unsub and then resub when you finally get around to fixing this clearly broken from implementation system?

I've never managed a shoe shop so maybe I'm missing the instant "keep paying money for the game" part of this post but all I read is:

1: Stop playing the game for now, do something else! We'll reward your time far better soon (tm)
2: Please stop PvPing! If you do it in a month you'll get much greater rewards - And for the love of God don't buy anything for the next 6 weeks
3: You know those alts we massively encouraged to level for 12x XP and DvL? Well leave them on the shelf for a while longer and perhaps we'll help them.

Any chance you could possibly address these pretty gosh darn valid concerns?
These are pretty gosh darn valid concerns .

It is fair to say that if someone solely cares about gearing their character, they would consider waiting for these changes to go in place before playing. That is why we had a few goals in making my post yesterday:
  1. We are being open that changes are coming.
  2. We are going to provide details on what is changing, and when, so that you know what to expect.
  3. We want to start rolling these changes out ASAP. I said the changes will start in the next few weeks, but the goal is the first changes will happen very soon (likely next week).
If someone really wants to wait for changes to take affect before playing, that's ok! However, I think there is other fun to be had without just gearing their 70 (level an alt to 70 in prep for the changes, finish up legendary status, etc).

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