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Gearing Changes in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 03.02.2017 11:02AM
Hey folks,

As I mentioned earlier this week, we have quite a few changes planned for gearing over the next few Updates. Lets go over what they are, when they are happening, and why!

Game Update 5.1.1 Coming February 7th
  • All Command Experience Points (CXP) gains, CXP Boosts, and CXP Legacy Perks are now additive instead of multiplicative.
    • This change is being made to setup for the greatly increased CXP gains that are possible in 5.1.1 (if you love math click the spoiler tag below for what this means in greater detail)
  • New CXP leveling event. This event will run until Game Update 5.2 in April. During this event all CXP earned will be increased by 250%.
    • The goal is that you will earn one crate every 30 minutes or less. The 30 minute time-frame is for a Tier 3 crate (meaning 1 and 2 will be even faster).
  • All CXP Packs that you earn from drops and Missions are now Bind on Legacy.
    • This change is to help a player distribute CXP around their Legacy if they choose to do so.
  • We are introducing a new 100% CXP boost in addition to the existing 15% and 25% boosts. This boost can be purchased from the Command Token vendor or the Cartel Market. This boost only works up to Command Rank 180 and lasts 2 hours (Command Tokens) or 3 hours (Cartel Market).
    • The goal of selling this boost for Command Tokens is that it allows higher Command Rank players to use their Tokens to greatly accelerate leveling their alts (you can also buy them on the CM or GTN).

Game Update 5.1.2 Coming February 28th
  • We will be rebalancing the CXP rewards you earn from Operations. Boss kills will now award more CXP than they did previously. The Operations Weekly has had its CXP reward greatly increased.
    • Operations CXP rewards are below where we would like them to be and so we are increasing their CXP value from both gameplay and Missions.
  • Group Finder Daily CXP Rewards are being added. Completing the Daily Group Finder Bonus will award you with a bonus CXP Pack.
    • We wanted to ensure there were great CXP incentives to participating in Group Finder. By making it a CXP Pack it has the added bonus of being Bind on Legacy so you can use it on whatever character you would like.
  • The completion Mission for Flashpoints have had their CXP values greatly increased.
    • Flashpoint CXP rewards are also below where we would like them be to and so we have added a much larger CXP bonus for completing their respective Missions.
  • The Flashpoint and Uprising Weekly Missions have had their CXP rewards increased.
    • Our goal is to really encourage players to play multiple types of content for the best rewards. We want to encourage playing a diverse set of content, not a singular activity (although you can always still do that if you prefer)
  • The PvP Daily and Weekly Missions now reward a batch of Unassembled Components.
    • This is one of the changes we are making to help players in getting Unassembled Components faster. It also incentivizes dabbling into PvP often.
  • We have increased the Unassembled Components that are awarded to players after completing Ranked and Unranked Warzones.
    • Not only did we want to reward playing Warzones through Missions, but we also wanted to ensure that those of you who play primarily Warzones each day could work towards purchasing gear quicker.

In the future
  • Unassembled Components and Legacy. We understand your Legacy is important to you and we agree with that, we are looking at ways to address that in the future.

These are all of the changes you can expect in 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 for Galactic Command. As you can see there is a lot happening and we want to hear what you think. As we go through these updates we will continue to monitor feedback and data to see what other adjustments may need to be made!


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