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#3 On Tacos and Tattoos

Originally Posted by HazelKelly ( Original Post ) | 08.02.2017 01:17PM
Originally Posted by TaitWatson View Post
Hey everyone,

There have been two forum posts in my time at BioWare that have been difficult to write: my introduction, and this one. For those who prefer brevity, I wont bury the lead: February will be my final month on the SWTOR team and, in fact, with BioWare. I have had an amazing few years here, but it is time to sail different seas. I will go ahead and nip a few things in the bud because I know they will come up:


And I will miss that the most.


Can I have all your stuff? Or at least the stuff you stole from me back? I miss David Pumpkins

On a serious note (No, really!) Best of luck! You'll be missed around here for sure, jokes about potatoes are all going to be left to Musco now...

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