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#8 On Tacos and Tattoos

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 10.02.2017 09:26AM
Originally Posted by Jedi_riches View Post
Should this not be in off topic with the rest of the I'm leaving' threads?
I made that joke to Tait when he made the post, straight to off-topic .

Originally Posted by Jedi_riches View Post
Do we know anything about your replacement yet? Is it someone being promoted internally but then again that should probably be a new thread entirely.
It is impossible to replace our Taiters!

As Tait mentioned, his responsibilities are only in part on the Community team so it isn't quite as simple as just hiring a new person for that role. In the short term, his Community team functions such as patch notes and maintenance messaging will go to me. Looking forward we will look at how to handle those responsibilities. Whether that means hiring someone new or shifting it to someone internally, we'll see.


PS - Be afraid, maintenance times will never be correct ever again. Timezones are my weakness.
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