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Changes to Operation Drops in 5.2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 03.03.2017 08:16AM
Hey folks,

If you haven’t read it yet, we recommend you head over to the “Tier 4 in Game Update 5.2” thread and learn about the new Tier of gear coming next Update. Along with the new Tier of gear, we are making quite a few changes to what gear drops in Operations. For endgame PvE players we know there is a desire to gear primarily through Operations.

The first change we are making is specific Unassembled Gear Pieces will now drop on each Operation boss in the game (except Golden Fury and Colossal Monolith). This means when you kill a boss in an Operation, you will know exactly what is going to drop and you can plan to run specific Operations if you are seeking a specific slot. Click the spoiler tag(s) at the bottom of the post for a full list of what drops where.

The second change is bosses will no longer have a random chance to drop Unassembled Gear Pieces. Each boss in an 8-player Operation will drop 1 piece and the last boss will drop 2; this number is doubled to 2 and 4 respectively in 16-player. Previously with Game Update 5.1, each boss except for the last boss only had a chance of dropping gear pieces.

The third change is with the introduction of a new Tier (Tier 4), we needed to ensure Operation players had a way to acquire this gear directly. This is especially true since Tier 4 will help substantially in being able to clear Veteran Mode Tyth along with future Gods from the Machine bosses, and all other Master Mode bosses. Here is a basic breakdown of where the gear will drop:

For existing Operations (Tier 1 will no longer drop in Operations)
  • Tier 2 Legendary Gear - Story Mode
  • Tier 3 Legendary Gear – Veteran Mode
  • Tier 4 Prototype and Artifact Gear – Master Mode (Non-final bosses)
  • Tier 4 Legendary Gear – Master Mode (Final bosses)
For Gods from the Machine Operations:
  • Tier 3 – Story Mode
  • Tier 4 – Veteran Mode

As you can see there a lot of changes with Operation gear drops in 5.2! Let us know your thoughts on these changes.


Below is a list of each Operation and what drops from each boss – note that this work is still in-progress and details may change before the release of Update 5.2:

Here is a list of each gear slot and what bosses drop it:
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