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#2 Tier 1 3 Changes Coming in 5.2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 03.03.2017 09:15AM
Originally Posted by Ryenke View Post
The elimination of Premium from the crates would have been a welcome change for me, but the deal breaker is the unspecified RNG drop rates and no duplicate mitigation. My personal drop rate resulted in was one usable upgrade (I don't count clicky relics as anything except trash for instance) per 30 or so crates. At command level 240 ish (I think, it's been a while since I bothered) I still didn't have a 5.x set bonus and had 6 slots still unfilled and had tons of duplicates like 6 relics of the same type, 3 or 4 chests, 2 gloves, 3 or 4 ear pieces, and only one set piece drop that was higher than Tier 1.

Without some duplicate mitigation and/or some idea what the drop rates *actually* are (medium-low, Medium-high and Medium mean nothing), I have no desire to pay for a grind up to Tier 4, (and would have had no time to do so on alts).

So, good luck, I'll check back in with 6.0 maybe.
Although we aren't going to expose exact drop rates, I think I can add a little clarity to the relative drop rates listed above. To your point, with these new rates you will have a much better chance of getting a set bonus quality item (Artifact and Legendary) than you would one without (Prototype). Basically, at the top of a tier, majority of your items will be of a set bonus bearing quality. That is in contrast to today where at all levels, Premium and Prototype are the most likely items you will get.

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