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#3 Changes to Operation Drops in 5.2

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 03.03.2017 09:39AM
Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
Thanks for the heads-up! That allows us to plan raid schedules ahead of time.

But what about PvP? I'm not a PvP player but I know this will cause issues in PvP. Ever since you have merged PvE and PvP gear, there's been this issue that PvP players can get gear more easily than PvE players. Now it appears that T4 is only available from Tier 4 Command Crates and from Master Mode Operations and VM Tyth, is that correct? Or is it still possible to upgrade gear to T4 via the unassembled components?
Good question! PvP players will be able to buy Tier 2 pieces outright, without upgrading from Tier 1. This largely leaves their progression untouched from today as they can buy gear, and upgrade it twice, they just start 1 Tier higher than before.

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