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#6 Why did you nerf Fractured Uprising CxP?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 08.03.2017 10:48AM
Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
Thank you Eric.

I need to ask - rather than just nerfing anything that can result in quicker CXP gains, have you thought about possibly increasing the points given to those that take longer? You're never going to keep up with the players and you'll always be one step behind if you're always looking to reduce the amount of CXP gained vs. increasing it in the areas that take longer. Incentive works.
Absolutely, good question. We certainly will lean into buffing over nerfing, where possible. In the case of Fractured and KotFE Chapter 1 and 2 though they are not only outperforming other Uprisings and Chapters, but also other content as well. It is still our intention that large group and difficult content (such as Operations and Warzones) are the best source of CXP.

If someone can do something by themselves (or in small groups), with minimal challenge, and receive more rewards than something like an Operation, you should expect it is gonna get adjusted.

Again, on the inverse, if you discover something that is not rewarding for its time spent, let us know! If "no one is running X Uprising" cause it is not worth the time, we will almost certainly buff it to bring it in line and feel rewarding.

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