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You have reached 3000 command tokens.....

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.03.2017 01:45PM
Originally Posted by Sotmax View Post
Really BW.
As stated by someone(Evolixe i think), is better to use those for purchasing the T1 gear.
We have plenty of them and they are secure drop from evey command crate.They re useless if we' re going to use them only for command boosts.
Future uses for Command Tokens is something we talk about often. In fact, using them to purchase Tier 1 gear is something that has been considered internally as well.

One change that is coming in 5.2 is that the Command Boosts will work at all Command Ranks. This gives more functionality for players who are at high Ranks as they can then still use the boosts on their main character. Especially to work into Tier 4 at CR 300.

It's a good opportunity to ask in this thread ... what else would you like to use Command Tokens for?

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