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Please stop protecting cheaters/botters.

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.03.2017 09:10AM
Originally Posted by LordTurin View Post
They are not protecting them. File a ticket, and send the video to Musco as well and they will look at it. They have a general "no naming & shaming" rule on the forums, and for good reason to be honest, as 90% of the time when someone complains about cheating, it is simply because the person complaining doesn't understand the game as well as they should.
Quoting Turin for accuracy here. Report them to CS and send any information you have to me privately. If you post about it, especially with the inclusion of names, the thread will be removed. We take cheating/exploiting seriously, but we also take everyone's safety and privacy seriously as well.

Send me any information you have.

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