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Trying to send video of cheating in PVP SWTOR refuses to reply

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.03.2017 01:03PM
Originally Posted by ulusid View Post
It has become painfully obvious to me that the SWTOR people care 0 about the game and how much some players violate the TOS. I have followed every forum post I can find about how to send the devs the videos and have tried to contact swtor employee with the links. I have gotten 0 messages back from him in regards to the best format to send him videos or if he if wants them. Someone from SWTOR help me out and explain why you would ask us to submit video evidence and then you refuse to reply to us when he tell you we have it. Before anyone starts the replies about there is no cheating in pvp and its lag or i dont understand the game, this post is to ask for help from SWTOR team on how to submit the videos thats it.
As some others in the thread have said, we won't ever respond to a report of cheating/botting, etc with any kind of status update due to privacy reasons. The best method would be to send the details to me in a PM.

I do try to respond to each PM and at least acknowledge I received it, but I receive a lot of PMs and so I don't always do that. Just know that if you send something to me it isn't falling into a void, I do check them and pass them on as needed!

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