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#2 Trying to send video of cheating in PVP SWTOR refuses to reply

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.03.2017 02:13PM
Originally Posted by acidburncpt View Post
Wow! It appears none of you, including eric, actually read the OP's post. He asked in a pm what format the video should be in or if they even wanted it. I didn't read anything in the post about him wanting a status update on the cheater. It would have been nice if Eric would have replied that any video format is fine or mentioned the preferred format or that they don't want videos, that way others would know.
Apologies if that is true. I took format to mean PM, email, etc. not video format.

To answer that specifically, I recommend posting an unlisted YouTube video (so that you aren't calling out players in any format) and then send that link along with details to me in a forum PM.

We absolutely want those reports so please send them on!
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