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Game Update 5.2 - Known Issues

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 18.04.2017 07:34AM
Here are the current known issues for GU 5.2:
  • The Daily Missions on Iokath are not affected by the Planetary Mission highlight bonus from Galactic Command.
  • If you change appearance while on Iokath it will not be updated in Iokath cutscenes until you leave the planet and return.
  • If you try to engage in an activity with a member of the opposite base faction which is normally not allowed (such as a Guild invite) you may receive a non-specific error message.
  • While you are in a vehicle (such as a walker) on Iokath, if you switch from a PvE to PvP instance (or vice versa), you will lose that form.
  • Main Story Missions on Iokath are rewarding less Command XP than intended.
  • Some abilities for the Iokath forms (such as the Missile Turret) are missing tooltip descriptions.
  • If you group queue from Iokath via group finder into an Operation, Flashpoint, or Uprising, hitting return to medcenter may remove you from the group and return you to Iokath.
  • Activating an Iokath form (such as a walker) while you have a temporary ability bar active will cause your temporary abilities to cease working and you may receive a non-specific error message.
  • The Jundland Dewback has no icon in the unclaimed items section of the Cartel Market.

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