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#2 Gear Drops on Non-Final Bosses in Master Mode Ops Contradict Patch Notes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.04.2017 07:52AM
Originally Posted by FerkWork View Post
According to the patch notes for 5.2:

Also in this thread it was stated:

However this is not the reality for non final bosses in Master Mode Ops. As stated here, elsewhere, and in personal experience that is not true. Those bosses are dropping an assembled random blue or purple assembled piece that can be for any class even if that class is not present in raid. That's not even counting the fact that 244 or 246 can't be upgraded via PvP and 244 has inferior mod and overal same as HM 242. Not to mention there are no vendors for them even if they were unassembled.

So Devs can you either clarify this or fix it. Either have them drop 246 or just make them all drop 248 in NiM preferably the latter as you you can get BiS by doing HM Ops and upgrading via PvP; also it make the system less convoluted. Please don't repeat 4.0 with another NiM loot debacle. Thanks.
After talking with the team, currently this is my error in the patch notes. It is intended that non-final bosses are dropping Prototype and Artifact gear (not unassembled, which is my error). However, given the feedback of this thread (and the one you linked) the team is looking at improving this experience in the future.

Apologies for the confusion. I will let you know of any potential changes to this in the future and I will get the patchnotes updated.

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