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#5 Att BW - Harbinger - items vanishing from CXP boxes, GTN, Invents, Cartel martket.

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 09.05.2017 05:21PM
Alright, got a few updates!

What happened? During maintenance today we did extensive back-end database maintenance to the Harbinger. These issues are a side-effect from that maintenance.

How much longer? We have isolated a fix for the issue and are working on it as I type this. We estimate about an hour from now to get the fix implemented. Then at that point we will need to verify the fix, etc. So we are a looking at more than an hour still, but we are well on the path to getting it resolved.

What will happen to my characters? If you haven't logged in since today's maintenance, there will be no impact at all. If you did login today, it is still likely that you will not be impacted (there is no rollback). There are some circumstances which could cause you to be missing an item or two once we are live again. We are isolating the impacted characters and what items are missing so we can restore them. Our goal is to have that happen without the need for you to contact CS. I will update you once I have more information.

TLDR - We are looking at an ETA of over an hour still and there shouldn't be impact to most characters. More to come!

Thanks everyone.

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