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#2 Why aren't Weapons a Part of Outfit Designer?

Originally Posted by CharlesBoyd ( Original Post ) | 11.05.2017 01:00PM
It's so great to see everyone's awesome ideas and enthusiasm in this thread - keep 'em coming!

Originally Posted by MishraArtificer View Post
So, just out of curiosity: what's been keeping it back? Technical problems?
Honestly, it comes down to priorities - we've been very focused on features that supported story chapters and gameplay, so this didn't make it to the top of the list. But this year, we've shifted some of our focus to broader features that improve the overall gameplay experience and add better customization and convenience options. So with that in mind, it makes sense to see if we can add weapons to Outfit Designer this year.

Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
Also note >>>> this is the first post in the forum from Charles in almost two years, even though he is Creative Director for SWTOR, and has had a key role in SWTOR for years. Positive context: If Keith achieves nothing as Producer other then more transparency and interaction with players by key people responsible for the progress of SWTOR.... that is good news.
This is an entirely fair critique; I have always read the forums daily, but it's silly to have gone so long without actually posting. I promise be more talkative in the future. Keith definitely sets a good example in this regard
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