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Cartel Pack Changes Coming with Steadfast Champion Pack on 5/16

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.05.2017 01:58PM
Hey folks,

Currently, when you open a pack you will receive:
  • Two items New pack item(s) and/or Grand Chance Cube(s)
  • Two misc. Jawa Scraps and Companion Gifts

Starting with the Steadfast Champion pack on May 16th, you will now receive the following:
  • One new pack item
  • One Grand Chance Cube
  • Two misc. Jawa Scraps and Companion Gifts

Additionally, packs will now only contain Silver, Gold, and Platinum rarity items. What this change means is that you will more consistently get new pack items (since one is guaranteed in each pack) and you will have a much greater chance of getting Silver, Gold, and Platinum items than you did previously. Our plan moving forward is that we are not going to be making Bronze quality armor sets, decorations, etc. any longer. Our focus is to ensure the new items in each pack are of the highest quality, giving you greater value for your investment.

Let us know what you think! Thanks everyone.

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