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#2 Cartel Pack Changes Coming with Steadfast Champion Pack on 5/16

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.05.2017 02:47PM
Originally Posted by DarthDymond View Post
If there are no Bronze items in the drop tables, won't that mean Silver items are now effectively Bronze rarity, just with a different colored icon?
In the way that the most common pack drops were bronze, yes that will now be silver. However, internally we view the rarity of an item to be a reflection of the art time and quality of each item (this can be subjective). So although you will receive more silver than items than before (instead of bronze), those items should be of a higher quality.

Originally Posted by casirabit View Post

Wouldn't it be better if you make a decorations in a separate pack instead of combining them with the armor packs In this way the ones that want decorations can buy that pack instead of taking a chance with getting armor, because for me there is no armor lately that I really care for and would much prefer the decorations. I am just a little picky on armor and nothing lately I like.
What you are asking about sounds like the Bronze / Silver / Gold <type> packs, such as the Silver Decorations pack, etc. Those types of packs the team puts on and off at various points in the year. I will pass on your interest for the deco version.

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