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#5 Update on Roadmap

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 22.05.2017 06:11PM
Originally Posted by WorldSmasher View Post
I just wanted to voice my concerns, here.

I'm worried that an increase in piloting speed limits is just asking for more traffic collisions. Our - already bad and crazy - drivers will only become worse and crazier. I foresee many insurance premiums going up - even for good drivers.

I'm against increased speed limits, because of safety concerns.... And we still haven't got the traffic lights installed at major intersections. When are we gonna get the traffic citation droids we were promised to help maintain safety?

Also, some of the maps aren't even big enough to justify faster speed limits... But that's another discussion....
So, what I read from your comments is we need to offer a new Character Perk - "Vehicle Collision Prevention". I'll look into it. <grin>
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