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#2 Maintenance: May 25th, 2017

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 24.05.2017 11:42AM
Hey all,

Ive noticed a lot of concern about maintenances and the impact it has on your game time. We probably should have just given you a schedule of activity for the month of May and explained what was going on. Going forward, toward the beginning of each month, Eric will provide a schedule of that months maintenance.

So, whats been going on this past month? Essentially, we have been migrating from one Datacenter to another and upgrading the Game Server hardware and supporting software. You won't directly notice improvements in performance, but these changes dramatically help us maintain the game and improve its overall reliability. As you can imagine, its an enormous undertaking to move absolutely everything all servers and related hardware, supporting hardware, network infrastructure, upgrading the operating systems, management systems and tools, and more.

For the most part, weve been able to do it without a ton of downtime, but theres been a couple times this month where the migration didnt go as planned. As a result, we had to extend the maintenance window. Not fun for you nor for us!

Typically, we have a maintenance every two weeks and usually on a Tuesday. Theres a lot of coordination required between teams, as its not just turning servers off/on, but making sure all services spin up properly, databases are in good shape, all server hardware is checked, supporting software is updated, and more. No excuses, just means to keep the game healthy we need to validate everything and much of the work requires players to be offline.

Whats happening on Thursday should be the last of the migration components, but some of these impact our game services. So, this requires us to ensure no in-game activity is happening, and shutdown the Live Game. Our sincerest apologies to everyone as we did not realize it was a holiday (our bad for not looking at the calendar). We still need to have the maintenance, but Ive asked the team to start an hour earlier and if at all possible shorten the window. We will get SWTOR back online as fast as possible.

The next scheduled downtime is June 13th and that maintenance is for Game Update 5.2.2. Its possible we may need to restart everything on June 6th to flesh out any potential issues, but well let you know.

Thanks for understanding and again, well continue to improve our communications with you.

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