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could we please get a straight answer?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.06.2017 01:17PM
Originally Posted by Lundorff View Post
Are there any plans to either:

1) Raise bolster in warzones to 248 or beyond.
2) Or to reintroduce PVP gear and expertise.

These are the only viable options I can think of. Increasing the rate of UCs in warzones is not really an option: too small an increase and it would not solve gear disparity for PVP, and too large an increase and it would rival Operations as a means to get gear.

Are these options currently being considered? And if the answer is a solid no, then please just say so.

And I can only urge you to re-read your own past reflections on gearing for PVP.
We are working on getting a discussion topic together on this very thing, bolster. We want to ensure that we explain our stance on bolster, gearing, and expertise, and then see how everyone feels we should proceed. I am hopeful that it will be this weeks discussion topic.

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