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Star Wars: The Old Republic - Road Map 2017

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 26.06.2017 07:38PM
Originally Posted by dontbeswg View Post
I'm sure this has been treaded on but I wanted to drop my dime on this.


Since your arrival to the team, Personally and collectively, a lot of hope was restored that this game would return to being a functional MMO. Your statements seemed to reflect that you understood this, and I personally enjoyed your ground level gamer feel. However, subs are not returning and that community wide hope is dying out because this game still is not a functional mmo. Now I won't blame Ben for 4.0 and the Cxp failure because EA has had enough time to course correct.

Let me get to the core question I have Keith: why did you guys decide to divert production to other aspects of the game BEFORE you finished the new operation completely?

My commentary on the question, regardless of your response if I receive it. You seem to be a knowledgeable MMO gamer familiar enough with the landscape to understand why WoW is still going strong at over a decade. Clarifying, it's two reasons; 1) playability (you can play it on a horrible system) but more importantly 2) every content update of the game comes with at least 1 new raid experience! Until EA commits to this formula, I don't see this game being a factor in the market any longer.

Hopefully you read this, I'm sure it's been said but I would like a reply.

There's been many questions similar to yours, plus quite a few PMs (still reading those), asking me about the direction of the game. But, why divert resources before delivering a full operation seemed like it could be helpful to address directly.

Diverting suggests we only focus on Operations while ignoring the other game play systems. As many would attest to, we essentially did that the last couple years with our focus on KOTFE and KOTET. Yet, we learned a lot about content delivery and timing. We decided to leverage that into providing multi-player content on a more frequent basis, preferably every 5-6 weeks, although some content takes longer, such as Operation Boss encounters.

During the development of the Boss fights, I think it's prudent for us to work on other game play systems and deliver those changes instead of making everyone wait until the end of the year. That may not be the answer you were looking for, but it is the direction the team has agreed to for the foreseeable future.

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