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Please can we get an official Conquest week schedule?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.06.2017 03:58PM
Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
In the past Eric Musco gave us a long list of the conquest weeks so we could plan activities for our guilds. Because of a lack of official communication since then, a lot of people were surprised at Iokath this week as they had been planning things based on "other" means of divining which conquests to expect.

Please can you provide an official list of the conquest weeks we can expect for the next few months, it will be a huge help. Thank you
I sure can!
  • July 4 - Revenge of the Revanites
  • July 11 - Relics of the Gree
  • July 18 - The Balance of Power
  • July 25 - Rakghoul Resurgence: Tatooine
  • Aug 1 - Titans of Industry
  • Aug 8 - Death Mark
  • Aug 15 - The Trade Emporium
  • Aug 22 - Relics of the Gree
  • Aug 29 - Flashpoint Havoc
  • Sep 5 - Rakghoul Resurgence: Corellia
  • Sep 12 - Plunder of Iokath
  • Sep 19 - Death Mark
  • Sep 26 - The Trade Emporium
I will make a note to post the a few more weeks in early September. Someone remind me if I forget post it.

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