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Discussion Topic: Bolster Changes in PvP

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 29.06.2017 08:13AM
Hey folks,

For this weeks discussion topic, lets talk about Bolster! This has been a hot-button item since the launch of 5.0 due to various changes which have been made. Here is a bit of a history on what we have done so far:
When we launched Eternal Throne Bolster increased everyones item rating up to 250 (which was 8 higher than the highest possible gear rating of 242 at the time). This meant that gear was irrelevant in PvP as Bolster made an equal playing field. However, it is our design intent that players in all gameplay have some form of gear progression and so in Game Update 5.1 we lowered the effect of Bolster in PvP to 232. To compensate for the launch of Tier 4 gear we increased Bolsters effect in PvP to item rating 238.
There have been numerous feedback threads on both sides of the fence on this topic, but it seems the larger consensus is that players would like to see a higher bolster rating in PvP to lower the overall gear gap. With that in mind we want to present 3 possible options and see what you think:
  1. Bolster is equal to item rating 238. - This is how it works today, this effectively puts you slightly above Tier 2 gear.
  2. Bolster is equal to item rating 240. This would place bolster equal to the start of Tier 3 gear. There would now be an 8 rating difference between Bolster and the highest tier of gear (248). For reference this is identical to the gap that existed for Bolster prior to 5.0.
  3. Bolster is equal to item rating 242. This would place Bolster at the top end of Tier 3 gear, meaning only Tier 4 gear is above it.

Let us know what you think? Do you like Bolster where it is? Do you want to see it go up?

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