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Players "Wall of Crazy" ideas

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.07.2017 10:00AM
Originally Posted by Icykill_ View Post
The theme of this thread is for people to post ideas they think might improve the game. Keith has mentioned that they have a board where they list all their ideas and it's call the "Wall of Crazy".
I think it's fitting that we also have our own "Wall of Crazy" so that we can have a central thread that we can all look at and the Bio team can too. Often there are some great ideas, but they get lost in the ether. If you have a positive idea to improve the game or come across a gem that's not already listed here, please post it so we can all see it and have a record of it.

I would like to set out some lose guidelines and "hope" people will follow them so this can be a positive thing for the whole community.
Can we please have no personal attacks on people's ideas and try not to argue. In the spirit of community building and positivity, it you disagree with something you don't always need to comment.
Remember this is an ideas thread and no positive idea is too crazy or even funny.

Please keep posts as short as possible so it's easier to collect them all and put them on our "Wall".

I'm going to reserve the first couple of spots for listing and consolidating ideas. (Mod guys, please don't delete them 😊 )
Great idea! Posting here just to get some extra visibility for you, Icy!

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