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#2 Will there be a developer live stream about July 11 patch?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.07.2017 10:42AM
Originally Posted by casirabit View Post
Can you at least post where the stronghold is and the prices please. I know there are rumors but an official statement would be nice.
MAN, what A great question. Let me see if I can get you AN answer to that .

For starters, with 5.3 you can now have an additional Stronghold unlocked (up to a max of 6). Next, pricing:
  • Stronghold unlock: 2,500 CC or 2,500,000 Credits
  • Room 1 - Interior Expansion: 1,400 CC or 2,000,000 Credits
  • Room 2 - Rooftop Garden: 800 CC or 975,000 Credits
  • Room 3 - Deepwater Sanctuary (South): 1,150 CC or 1,450,000 Credits
  • Room 4 - Deepwater Sanctuary (North): 1,150 CC or 1,450,000 Credits

There ya go!

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