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Items Missing from Deepwater Essentials Bundle?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 11.07.2017 02:13PM

Good catch on this. I checked into this with the team and it seems that the source information for the items you listed is incorrect across the board. The items that are in the Deepwater Essentials Bundle are only the items listed in the CM tooltip, which are:
  • 1 Manaan: Fountain of Tranquility
  • 1 News Kiosk: Most Wanted
  • 1 Large Aquarium
  • 1 Aquarium: Laa Scalefish
  • 1 Aquarium: Faa Scalefish
  • 1 Explorer Supplies Set
  • 1 Manaan: Lounge Set
  • 1 Manaan: Office Set
  • 1 Manaan Patio Set
  • 1 Manaan Floor Lamp
  • 1 Selkath Citizen: Lost
  • 1 Selkath Cyborg: Surly
  • 1 Selkath Officer: Patient
  • 4 Flag: Manaan (Hanging)
As a note, I included the actual item names in the list above. The CM tooltip has a couple of typos for the actual item names (which the team is aware of).

The Iokath items you listed below are similarly not found in the Dread Warlord Pack. All of the decos you listed below have not been released yet, their source information is incorrect.

We apologize for any confusion. Again, please refer to the tooltip in the Cartel Market for the Deepwater Essentials Bundle to see exactly what you are purchasing. Thanks everyone.

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