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#4 I've kept my promise

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 16.07.2017 08:56PM
Quote: Originally Posted by IntegrationArch View Post
Wow my first reply from BW ever it's like getting to talk to Obiwon. To Yoda .

Keith what about DX11 game client refresh eta, or never going to happen or what about related big picture news all over the threads? Where is SWTOR going in next 1 year and more big picture wize?

Are parts of the 'PRIORITY LIST' which are not listed on the patch notes issues available in a cumulative list some place across all the builds as builds are cumulative since 1.0 bugs.?
Not quite as old as Yoda, but suspect I'd give Obiwan...

It looks like we've completely hijacked this thread, but let me address your questions and then just know I'll update the Roadmap/start a new thread that provides details about the next 90 days. Keep in mind, I've learned from last time not to commit to a date of availability!

Big picture wise is re-engaging all of our systems (Ops, FPs, PvP, Story, GSF, Strongholds), and yes, QoL which means bugs or changes with a specific focus in mind (e.g., Group Finder, performance related-both server and client, gameplay experience - removing steps - like auto-completing quests, and more). Even though we will also add or extend story content, our primary focus is on Multi-player and repeatable content.

We absolutely have a Master List of bugs in our internal database and virtually every day, we triage the list to determine what's included in the next patch. When we do QoL changes, we review areas that will be changed and see if there are bugs or enhancements we can make within those same areas. With all the recent issues, I can see why we get hammered when problems arise, but I think everyone also knows anytime you change something, you increase the risk of breaking something else. We test extensively, yet, stuff still happens.

We have a bug forum and that's reviewed every day, too. Issues are provided to our QA team, so if you have something specific, especially something game-breaking report it there. If you discover an exploit, PM Musco right away.

I'm not sure what we're doing about DX11 or DX12, but, just like how this thread started, I'll definitely have it looked into.

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