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Server Merge Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 29.07.2017 08:09AM
Originally Posted by Icykill_ View Post
I decided to ask Keith what's happening in his Roadmap thread because he seems to be ignoring this one and we still have no news. You'd think something like this should be in the road map or at least a timeline of when we can expect some info on the subject
Thanks for the /slap! Yep, we haven't been communicating anything about our server plans, but I have dropped a number of hints. Even in the interview I did, I said we are considering virtually everything in this thread, plus a ton of other technical details.

I know you all know this, but I'll remind you anyway, if a server merge was the direction, then we need to make sure we understand the reasons why players don't want to move. We have hardware/software, connectivity, and database considerations. We also have a ton of in-game 'things' to consider like Legacy Cargo Hold slots across multiple-servers, decorations and Strongholds, currency caps, merging of Legacies, number of characters on a server, keeping guilds and guild assets intact, and more. You also have Conquests and the domination of large guilds over everyone else, area respawn rates, and so on.

Lastly, as we've done with our East Coast servers, we need to upgrade the environment to ensure it's a great experience for everyone. I am very hopeful I can layout the game plan for you in the upcoming Roadmap. I'm not committing to that, yet, as there are a number of questions I need answered before I can give you any further insight.

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