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Class Changes: Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.08.2017 01:21PM
Below are the upcoming changes for Concealment and Scrapper coming in Game Update 5.4.

Note: All changes below are currently in development and are subject to change before being released.

  • Acid Blade's damage has been reduced by 27.78%
  • Collateral Strike's damage has been reduced by 27.68%

  • Flechette Round's damage has been reduced by 27.78%
  • Flying Fists damage has been reduced by 27.68%

DevNotes: The Concealment / Scrapper discipline was dealing more DPS than intended, so we made a couple changes to shrink it down a bit. These changes allow the Concealment Operative / Scrapper Scoundrel to still deal decent burst damage while having their sustained damage output brought in line with the DPS target.

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