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#2 Conquest wipe?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 24.08.2017 05:39PM
Hey folks,

Ok, so I have some information on what happened. As a part of our Game Update, we adjusted the Conquest schedule as we typically do. A side effect of adjusting this schedule is that it ends the current Conquest to begin the next one. Normally, this isn't an issue since it happens during maintenance when the normal Conquest reset is happening anyway. However, this happening a couple of days later, leads to what happened this morning.

In short, Tuesday's Conquest ended this morning during maintenance and a new Conquest began. All objectives were reset, rewards and titles were distributed as if a Conquest ended, etc. This new Conquest will end next week as per normal and rewards should go out then as well.

We actually did some work behind the scenes with 5.4 to improve the consistency of rewards being distributed. Still, the issues we have been having with Conquests are not acceptable and we are taking a hard look at the system to see what we can do to improve it. We apologize for the on-going issues with Conquests. I will pass on further information as I have it!

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