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#10 Game Update 5.4a

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 31.08.2017 01:05PM
First, make sure you have checked my most recent status update here.

Second, I apologize if the codes are rubbing people the wrong way. They are not meant to be any kind of compensation for downtime, or anything like that. Merely, we are all sitting here on the forums waiting for the issue to get resolved. In the past we have done something similar as a way for people get some bonus stuff for free while they wait. Everyone is not going to get them, but it could be a nice bonus if you do.

The first batch of 15 codes was not the "rain,' that was just the start. Normally I continually do posts like that the entire time we are down but I don't want to be pouring salt in the wound either. Tell me your feeling on this, do you want me to continue putting out codes while we are down? Or is it just making it worse?

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