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CXP and Daily Areas throughout September

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 07.09.2017 04:22PM
Hey all,

Recently, we have had more maintenances than normal. This was compounded by our update issues last Thursday which led to over 10 hours of maintenance. Thursdays issue along with the extra downtime have impacted all of our playtime, and they especially are bothersome when you consider how much XP and CXP you lost from the Double XP/CXP event was running along with the over the top CXP for Daily Areas. So, to make sure your characters can take advantage from both, heres what we going to do:

  • Since the Double XP/CXP event ended on Tuesday, weve decided to bring it back earlier than planned. That is, we had scheduled to make it available in December around the holidays, but itll return with the launch of Game Update 5.5. That will give you another full week to benefit from the event.
  • The Daily Area bug is also going to stick around for a few weeks. As Eric mentioned in another post, our plan was to fix it next week in another patch, but weve decided to hold off any changes until Game Update 5.5. Im personally leveraging this as a means of playing my other toons and raising their Command Rank to 300. Honestly, its been a lot of fun seeing so many other players taking advantage, too.
    • It is very clear everyone is really enjoying higher rewards on the older Daily Missions. As a result, we are exploring some options such as increasing CXP values above their base rewards, making rotating daily objectives worth high bonuses, and more. We will let you know where we land on these discussions, but one thing is for certain, higher CXP values are very motivational.

Again, I want to thank you all for your patience the past couple of weeks.

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