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#3 CXP and Daily Areas throughout September

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 08.09.2017 04:35PM
Originally Posted by Transcendent View Post
See, your whole post and this is what stood out to me the most in all of it. I accept that the team may well be looking at CXP rewards Keith and welcome that. However with that said, if you think that the CXP gained for dailies was "over the top" then perhaps I think the team is missing the whole point here.

You really should start asking yourselves why players flocked to do dailies for CXP, perhaps I could suggest an answer to that but I would prefer you came to the natural conclusion among yourselves.

I would also like to thank the developer that introduced this bug, they should receive a bonus for doing so, and if they would be so kind to introduce this bug to every other area of the game that rewards CXP, I highly doubt you would receive any complaints from the community. I'll let you mull over that.
You're actually reading way too much into that part of my post as we all agree with the sentiment everyone has communicated. Overall, we concur with the comments about CXP rates, incentives, and having areas of the game with high CXP values is very motivational. We also fully understand the positive impact it has had for everyone.

We know if Daily Areas are the only place to get great CXP, then rest of the content in the game gets ignored and eventually everyone will burn out. Hence, we need to make sure you can benefit from all areas of the game. We're reviewing when we can get that effort done.

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