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#6 SWTOR Autumn Roadmap 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 02.10.2017 02:58PM
Originally Posted by Preminous View Post
Eric, hopefully you can help me out on this. The language states:

"Legacy Perk For each character that reaches Command Rank 300, we will automatically add an additional 25% bonus CXP to your entire Legacy up to a maximum of 100%. You do need to purchase the initial 25% perk, but the additional 75% will be free. And, YES, this Perk is retroactive, so you will immediately benefit once we deliver United Forces Foundation."

Does this mean if I get three characters + purchase the perk, I get +100% CXP? Or do I have to have 4 to get the +100% CXP?

Basically, there is a new perk that you can purchase. That perk increases the CXP you earn in your Legacy by 25-100%. What the % is, is determined by how many CR 300 characters you have. My understanding is that you need 4 characters at 300 for the 100%, but I will verify.

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