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CXP Global 25/50/75/100 perk broken?

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 19.10.2017 08:15AM
Originally Posted by Toraak View Post
I realize that, I was on a character under rank 300. I was on an alt at rank 290 at the time.

So the fact still remains, the 100% boost I should have wasn't working on a character under rank 300.
We just investigated this situation and it appears to be working properly. Here's an example of one of the missions we checked:

On Yavin, picked up one of the daily missions:

Command Rank of character less than 300
Base rate of mission: 75
Superior Command Boost: +75 (100% boost)
Galactic Command Legacy Perk: +75 (100% boost)
Improved Command Experience V: +8 (10% - rounded up)

Total: 75+75+75+8 = 233 (just to verify all perks/boosts were included)
Mission Reward indicates +233 for Command Points

We checked a variety of areas and they all seem to be working correctly, too. If you can provide more details to help isolate what you're experiencing, we'll investigate further.

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