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#3 Thank You For Giving Us a Chance to get Darth Hexid

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 19.10.2017 01:43PM
Hey all, the following is from the United Forces blog which you will need to read to understand the disclaimer on rewards(*):

When United Forces goes live, we will be offering new rewards for reconnecting with friends and guildmates in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Log in and play between November 8 November 27, 2017 to get new rewards*:
  • Simply log in to play to get the new Mini Mogul NM-1 Mini-Pet, inspired by one of our classic Operation bosses, Karagga the Unyielding.
  • Earn the merciless Darth Hexid Companion when you complete three PvE or three PvP missions through Group Finder by the November 27th deadline!
  • Plus, unlock the new United Forces Group Recon achievement when you complete three PvE Group Finder activities and get the new United Forces Warzone Recon achievement when you complete three PvP matches through Group Finder!
  • Finally, once United Forces goes live, get double rewards: Double XP, Double Command XP, and much more through November 14!
  • NOTE: All achievements are unlocked in-game as earned. The Mini Mogul Mini-Pet and Darth Hexid Companion are delivered via in-game mail on November 28, 2017.

So, the key to getting Darth Hexid is to acquire the United Forces Group Recon or United Forces Warzone Recon Achievements, as that is how we will track the complete 3 PvE or PvP activities component of the requirement. Then, we will distribute Darth Hexid (and the mini-pet) during maintenance on the 28th and it'll be available for all of your characters across your entire account (not just legacy-wide) when the servers come back online. Keep in mind, it's likely going to be a 12-hour maintenance that day.


*-read disclaimer in the blog
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