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#6 Maintenance: October 24th, 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.10.2017 01:33PM
Hey folks,

As many of you know, on Tuesday Keith explained that in preparation for United Forces we moved all current west coast servers into our Virginia data center. Heres some of the key questions we have received about the North American datacenter change:

Why not communicate this ahead of time?
We made the decision to not communicate this information ahead of time because we wanted you to have the ability to immediately login and determine the impact to your gameplay experience. This meant we could quickly start gathering feedback on what you were seeing in-game (more on this in the next question). However, we have seen posts from players who made specific decisions based on location (such as character transfers) and we will be in touch with them to discuss. To ensure there is no confusion about this update in-game, we adjusted the server selection screen to reflect that all NA servers are on the east coast.

My ping has gone up since the change and it is affecting my gameplay, what options do I have?
Please continue to report it! As Keith mentioned in his forum post this is something we are actively tracking and working with our network partners to address where possible. We will be working through this especially over the next two weeks as we ramp up to United Forces.

Could there be one data center in the Central US so that pings are more even for each coast?
Creating an entirely new datacenter is a daunting task, even above and beyond the substantial changes we have already made this year. This just isnt something that was viable in the scope of the changes we made for United Forces.

Since all of NA is in one datacenter, shouldnt we just have one server?
Moving all of NA together would create a very heavily populated server. This would introduce several challenges: 1) Players would likely experience queues accessing the server and 2) It would increase the chances for server instability and downtime. There are also a variety of other issues, but a key concern was combining all of North America would result in substantially more character name collisions.

We hope this answers some of your questions and lets you know whats going to happen over the next couple weeks. Please remember, on November 8th we will move all players to their new servers during an extended maintenance (currently looking like 12 hours). We are also discussing starting a few hours earlier than usual (e.g., 2 or 3am CT), but will let you know a few days beforehand.

Thanks everyone.

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