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#4 Maintenance: 15 November 2017

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 14.11.2017 04:38PM
Quote: Originally Posted by SomeJagoff View Post
Is there any chance that the Cartel Market "Server Character Slot" items will be fixed with this update?

They're currently capped to 40 max + 24 as a sub = 64 max, despite the last patch apparently making the max characters per server 100. This had led to a situation where if you have an overflow of say ~70-80 characters, there's no way to: create a new character or transfer a new character to the server without first deleting 10-20 characters to get down to 63/64 characters.

Factoring in the 24 slots for subscribers by default, I imagine the "Server Character Slot" items should be increased from 40 to 76 to cap off at 100 per server?

Also, will there be any discount on the "Server Character Slot" items? As it is now, if you're a subscriber with 100+ toons on a server, you'd need to delete a bunch to get down to 99/100, then assuming you already previously purchased 40 "Server Character Slots," you'd still need to buy another 36 "Server Character Slots" just to be able to transfer a character to the server.
1 Character Slot = 600cc
36 Character Slots = 21,600cc (~$160 in cc just to be able to transfer a character to a server)
This will not be a part of tomorrow's update. However, the team is aware of the issue and looking into solutions. I appreciate the heads up on it!

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