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Known Issues: Game Update 5.6

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 28.11.2017 11:59AM
Hey folks,

We have some known issues for Game Update 5.6 that you should be aware of:
  • If you disintegrate numerous items in your Command Stash, and then you do this process again without closing the interface, the bar which displays how far you progress will display an incorrect value. You are still getting the proper CXP, but what is displayed will be incorrect. You can workaround this by closing and reopening the Command Stash after you do a disintegration.
  • In the Kuat Drive Yards Flashpoint do not press spacebar or escape while you are in the cutscene which transitions you across the ships (it is the second cutscene). If you do, it is likely that the entire group will be transported back to the first ship and unable to progress. As long as you do not hit spacebar or escape, this should transition you correctly to the second ship.
    • If you end up in the bugged state, you will need to completely quit the group and queue again through group finder.
    • As a precautionary measure, we have removed the ability for you to queue for KDY directly. However, you can still get it randomly.
  • If you had Unassembled Components prior to 5.6, the currency tab will show that you have 0 Unassembled Components. We didnt take them away, they are in your inventory. It is a bug that they are still displaying in the currency tab at all and will be removed in the future. If your inventory was full, check your mailbox.

Thanks everyone.

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