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Where is my Hexid?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 29.11.2017 03:25PM
Originally Posted by Verain View Post
I completed the 3 warzone cheeve before the patch.
I did NOT complete any flashpoints.
I do NOT have advancement in the story (edit: beyond about Makeb or so) on any character

Hexid was not mailed to me. I know one other player in the same boat. I don't have Hexids in any mailbox.

What went wrong? According to:

" Darth Hexid will join forces with players who complete three PvE or three PvP missions through Group Finder between November 8 - 27, 2017. Beginning November 28th, you can recruit Darth Hexid as part of a mission on the planet of Odessen once you complete the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion story. If youd like to battle with Hexid by your side immediately, you can unlock her as a companion at any time via your in-game mail. "

Shouldn't she be in all my mailboxes?
As some others in the thread have mentioned, verify that you did in face get the United Forces PvP Achievement. If you did, we discovered that some individuals who completed the requirements very close to the deadline may have been missed on Tuesday. We are looking at getting Hexid and/or the mini-pet granted to them soon, hopefully by end of week.

Hope that helps.

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